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CosmicPHP :: FreeScripts :: CosmicPhpSearch
This program will allow your visitors to search all content on your site quickly and easily. It is template driven and easy to setup, so there is little effort required to insall this script on your site.
The program works in three stages, firstly a spider is sent out and collects data of all your pages storing them in a MySql database. Secondly, the database is optimized for searches (the clever bit), and then lastly, your visitors are given the abilty to perform powerful searches on your site.
The search engine supports: stop words, META description, META keywords, and much more. Currently being implemented: boolean searches, easy installation script (so no need to edit config file).
This script is so good we even decided to use it on our own site, so for an example, search our site!
For a reduced-function version of CosmicPhpSearch click here. You are limited to 10 pages which can be indexed, and five search results per search.
The full version comes with 24/7 email support, advanced features, quicker searching, and free updates for only $49US.
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